Throughout my time of working with Gateway and other organizations, such as Essex International Jamboree, I have had the pleasure to interview a large variety of people. These vary from charity staff to TV celebrities and your local MP or Councillor, all with a story to tell.

Below are just several of my favourite interviews which I have conducted. Some of these interviewees come to me to interview, however I usually put myself out there and contact agents, companies and charities.


Cllr Andrew Schrader about The Advice Store, Basildon
MP Stephen Metcalfe about Engineering
MP John Baron about Barleylands Fun Walk

Notable People
Graeme Clark – Wet Wet Wet
Magician Jamie Raven, BGT Finalist 2015
Leslie Bonci, Author
Christian Lee, Magician and Comedian
Anna Whitehouse, Broadcast and Blogger
Emily Penn, Ocean Advocate
Crista Cullen, Rio Gold Medalist
Ruti, Singer, Village Green 2019
Andy Bush, DJ, Village Green 2019
Jamie Raven, Making Magic Shop, Bluewater

Charities and Organisations
Vulcan Restoration Trust, Southend
Debbie about Morrisons Autism Hour
Buttbury Christmas Performance, Eastgate Shopping Centre
The Big Sing, Choir, Village Green 2019