Billericay Bit Time Launch

Frazer Merrick

Frazer Merrick from Signals – Arts and Education Charity received funding from several media and art bodies including The Foundation for Essex Arts, to provide free workshops to anyone of any age teaching them about communication methods through the years and how they have changed. The first launch of the exhibition was held yesterday at Billericay School.

The workshop taught people between the ages of 7 and 90 years old about how we communicated when we were children and the devices we used. Each workshop also had a lesson on how to program the mini computer called a MicroBit to be a digital morse code key.

“It was really exciting to take the Bit Time artwork out on tour for its first trial exhibition. As with all digital projects, theres bound to be bugs, so returning back to Billericay School where some of the initial ideas came from made total sense. The feedback from the students was great, and it was brilliant to see the structures and the artwork interacted with in new ways we hadn’t thought of.”

Frazer Merrick

I spoke to both Frazer and Laura while they were at the Gateway studios about the Bit Time Project.
Part 1
Part 2
Laura Trevail

This project has been supported by Laura Trevail, an artist and script writer, in educating community organisations, schools and the members of public. Her skills and experience have been used along side Frazer’s to create a brilliant family friendly exhibition which is due to go on tour later this year.

During each workshop Frazer and Laura had the participants answer several questions about their use of communication technology. Some of the questions centred around people’s first method of communication and how communication would be in the future. This data was collated and given out to Digital Artists so that they could design a project to be displayed at the exhibition. I spoke to two of the digital artists, Henry and Dave about what they have decided to create.

The dates and locations of when this exhibition will be on display will be released at a later date. More information on the Bit Time project can be found on the Signals website.

Bit Time Launch

Wednesday 1 May the first launch of the Bit Time exhibition, this was at the Billericay School and during the afternoon students were able to test out the projects which had been created. From the picture on the right, two wooden towers were placed in one of the drama rooms where students ages 11 to 18 had the chance to see how this all works. During the lunch period students were constantly coming in and out to see what was going on and following into period 5, a class of 25 were invited down for one of the workshops on the MicroBit programming and the testing of the digital artists’ creations. They didn’t finish there as once school had finished the gifted and talented students had the same workshop on the programming and testing of the exhibition when some of their work is displayed in the exhibition itself.

I spoke to both Laura and Frazer quickly before the launch to ask how they felt the workshops went.

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