After nearly 3 years at Gateway, working with a great team of skilled individuals I knew I needed to hang up my headphones for the last time and let someone else take the chair. I expecting this to be the last time I would be heard. During my time at Gateway, I worked with a range of bodies and organisations including schools, charities and clubs to help people achieve and succeed. Aside from this, I was involved in outside broadcast at events, writing articles for the website, interview guests for my shows as well as for other presenters and their shows.

After leaving Gateway Community Radio in Basildon after nearly 3 years, I new I needed to keep my inner community work and what better than to join the UK’s biggest social club, Roundtable. I have been part of this since January 2020. Since joining them I had the brilliant opportunity to meet the Communications Officer, Liam Bauckham, working with him and several others of us to produce content for the weekly newsletter.

Very shortly there will be an announcement and I will be putting my headphones back on.


You can check out a load of my interviews right here. From celebrities to charities, politicians, to schools, a wide variety is available to hear.


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